Competition Winners


Winners KNWG Writing Comp 2015

Open Prose

1st Place – Verity by Shân Williams Greene, Beulah Park

WILLIAMS GREENE – VERITY – 1st place Open Prose

2nd Place – Norwood’s Ghost by Mark Fowler, Magill

FOWLER – NORWOOD’S GHOST – 2nd place Open Prose

3rd Place – Flat White by Mathew White, Norwood

WHITE – FLAT WHITE – 3rd place Open Prose

Open Poetry

1st Place – The Olive and The Grape by Ann Blythe, Norwood

BLYTHE – THE OLIVE AND THE GRAPE – 1st Place Open Poetry

2nd Place – Tokens of Beauty by The Poet Mj

THE POET MJ – TOKENS OF BEAUTY – 2nd Place Open Poetry

3rd Place – Morning Walk by Simone Lettice, College Park

LETTICE – MORNING WALK – 3rd Place Open Poetry

Junior Prose

1st Place – Changes by Adam Thorstensson,  Montacute

THORSTENSSON – CHANGES – 1st Place Junior Prose

2nd Place – The Stars Themselves by Teagan Romyn, Toorak Gardens

ROMYN – THE STARS THEMSELVES – 2nd Place Junior Prose

3rd Place – March to Pearl River by Shevaun Rutherford, Eden Hills


Junior Poetry

1st Place – The Parade by Maiya Mathwin, Belair

MATHWIN – THE PARADE – 1st Place Junior Poetry

2nd Place – Here People Are by Phoebe Sydney-Jones, Tranmere

SYDNEY JONES – HERE PEOPLE ARE – 2nd Place Junior Poetry

3rd Place – As I Enter The Parade by Renad Alhajji, Maylands

ALHAJJI – AS I ENTER THE PARADE – 3rd Place Junior Poetry


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