Our Writers

Aside from being incredibly attractive and charismatic our writers are also terribly talented with many having been published in print and online, nationally and internationally; some are prizewinners too. 

Jane Russell was born in Australia but brought up in England. Luckily her whole family decided to return to Australia when she was a teenager. She was an avid book reader, and loved drawing and painting, but writing short stories started back then as well. Fiction writing replaced art when she joined a U3A Writing Group in 2012. Her preferred genre is science fiction/fantasy with a tinge of humour. Some of her stories, mainly those concerning the metallic beings from the planet Xing, have been published in Narrator Australia / Narrator International. Sadly this platform ceased operation in 2015. She is currently working on a book set 200 years in the future, hoping to finish it before then.


Sara Abend-Sims is an award-winning writer. Her poetry book, ‘Paper Storms Paper Whispers’ was published in 2020 and her poetry and short stories have been published in anthologies, magazines and online.

She is currently working on a prose book – Jones (a working title) combining short stories and a novella.


Nike Azoros studied journalism and creative writing. She has written many articles for newspapers and was editor of a business publication. She has written six books and is currently writing another novel and a non-fiction work. Her hobbies are writing and reading. When not in Australia she likes to be in Greece, writing. A member of KNWG since 2007 she believes that writers need other writers around them because, ‘they become the family that understands us when our own doesn’t.’


Anne Chappel is from Africa, long ago, which seems to tell a story in itself. More important is the fact she has been a member of KNWG since 2004 and is travelling the journey of finding her voice with the help of other writers. At first Anne wrote travel stories, travel diaries and an infrequent poem. Later she tried short stories, published a guide to a local seaside town, and her interest grew. Anne’s first novel, Zanzibar Uhuru,  was published early in 2015 and the biography of her father and his African life. Time Past in Africa later in the year. She sees herself as a committed writer.


Lesley Charlesworth is from Port Augusta. Through a career in teaching and counselling she became interested in the resilience of people and the fact that many are not what they seem. These themes often appear in her work. Since her retirement she has enjoyed having the time to write and has completed a Masters in Writing through Swinburne University. Lesley enjoys writing short stories and the occasional poem and is currently revising her first novel. If you can’t find her, she has ‘gone bush’ either camping or bushwalking.

IMG_1697 (1)

Darrell Coggins was born in Gladstone, S.A. He is a poet, artist and musician whose paintings have been exhibited extensively both in Adelaide and interstate and are held in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas. He has played guitar and bass in several successful Adelaide based blues, pop and jazz bands. Having also studied classical guitar, he is recognised as a well-established music teacher. His poetry—originally written as an art journal—reflects upon what he sees, hears and feels.

KN Cup coulls

Ian Coulls is a very strange person who distinguishes himself from many other musicians and songwriters by not wearing his cap backwards and by not making ‘significant gestures’ with his hands or fingers. He is sickeningly modest, although under torture he may admit to playing music in London, Paris, Bordeaux, the United States and New Zealand as well as three tours of the eastern states of Australia.

He has released 4 CDs of original music, Something Else, Something Else Again. Something Else III and Nothing Else. He has also released Serge Kerval with Something Else, a collaboration album of French music with deceased international singer/musician Serge Kerval. In the coming year, he will release another CD, Something Different.

He has published three chapbooks of poetry, Danse macabre, Words, and On the Road to Somewhere Else and two books of short stories, The Complete and Utter Truth about the World and Everything in it and Where the Hell is Heaven?  All books were published by Ginninderra Press. There is another book of short stories, Bookends, to come in the new year.

Website: http://www.holdenhillmedia.com.au/coulls/Home.html

Music can be downloaded or sampled at: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/IanCoulls

Steves Coffee

Steve Davey

There is little to tell beyond the fictions I write, unless it is to say I am one for whom the revolution never stopped, even if I did eventually cut my hair. Writing must be spare, crafted and preferably strange, in order to interest me. Unless it is the classics. Something happened in the latter years of the twentieth century. Dreams were subsumed and we were all complicit. Nevertheless, I can’t help but try to articulate lost aspirations. Forty short stories, numerous poems, five novels and a biography I may never have the skill to finish later, there are yet only minor successes. On the good side, I have two daughters and three granddaughters who all make a better fit in the world. A Persian cat talks to me and keeps me sane.


Margaret Fensom was born in London UK 1943, and arrived in Adelaide by steamship in 1947. She visited Europe and the UK in 1996 and Europe the UK and Russia in 2005, travelling extensively by train. Margaret has published poems in anthologies and journals, and in Friendly Street New Poets 12. Her short story ‘Irish Millennium’, was short listed for the Fish Short Story Competition 2000/01 and as a runner-up in the Wirra Wirra Vineyards Short Story Competition 2003, published in the anthology, Party Walls. Her first full collection of poetry, Landscape of Dreams, is published by Ginninderra Press.

Michael - WelcomeWhiteMugSHS18

Michael Peters

Hi there,

I’m Michael and even though I am a beginning writer, I have a passion for telling and sharing stories which I have had since I was young. My genres I write in range from realistic fiction stories all the way up to comedy and even some action. I am currently working on (what I hope) is my debut novel and I write the occasional review and short story. I hope you enjoy.


Stephanie Russell has a background in physics, astronomy and satellite engineering – all very dry and technical. Her passion is to write about the other half of her soul. She explores every theme and genre she can think of, in short stories, and more recently, in poetry. She loves developing characters, imagining how they speak, act and react. She loves creating new worlds in minute detail. And she loves writing about the entertaining twists and turns in her own life as a trans-female. One of these days, with any luck, Steph will write a novel, book of poems…or something. Stephanie is our Secretary.


Ken Schaefer was born in Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula to a pioneering family. He attended a one-teacher one-classroom school in a horse and cart. Before and after school, he joined his siblings in farm tasks. Jobs included chopping wood for heating and cooking, milking cows and collecting eggs. Cream and eggs were sold in Port Lincoln.

Ken matriculated in Adelaide in 1958 and returned to the farm. He married Beth in 1967 and bought part of the family farm. The have three children and six grandchildren. Ken was active in local affairs including the hospital, school, sporting clubs and farmer organisations. He served periods as Chairman of the UFS Grain Section, as a Director of Ausbulk and as Chairman of United Grower Holdings. Ken and Beth now utilise their days in Adelaide and Bendigo reading, writing and talking. Ken is writing a three-book series covering the twentieth century of pioneering agriculture on Eyre Peninsula. The first book, Call of the Country, is completed.

Ken Schaefer was born in Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula to a pioneering family. He started at a one-teacher one –classroom school traveling in a horse and cart. Before and after school, he joined his siblings in farm tasks. Jobs included chopping wood for heating and cooking, milking cows and collecting eggs. He has farmed at Buckleboo for more than fifty years. Now lives in Quarry Hill and prays for a return to pre-covid-19 days in Victoriastan.

He married Beth and has three children and six grandchildren.

Writing gives me an opportunity to write about things that have happened, write about things that are happening and to write about things that may happen or should happen to continue the achievements of humanity.


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