Writers on Parade Journal


Kensington & Norwood Writers’ Group began in November 1986 as a series of workshops run by well-known writer Elizabeth Mansutti. Funding from the Kensington and Norwood Council supported these workshops and the resulting anthology, A Parade of Writers. The group became an incorporated body and its second anthology, Inkslingers Inc. followed in 1989.

On 23rd April 2008 Kensington & Norwood Writers’ Group launched the first issue of their annual journal Writers on Parade.

We ran a literary competition in 2015 in which the 4 winners in poetry and prose won publication in our journal amongst other prizes.

We released Volume 10, ‘LIFE,’ in November 2018 and it is now available in Dillons Bookshop, Norwood, Adelaide, or on Amazon / Kindle. We held a celebratory book launch for LIFE, on the 28 November meeting, which was fun, funny, fun.

The Journal, ‘Before you wake again,’ was published in February 2022 and can be purchased as ebook or paperback on Amazon.


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